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Zeo Mix 5000ml

Specially selected blend of zeolites particularly recommended in tanks with plentiful livestock and ..
RM 130.00

Phosphate Minus 1000ml

Efficient medium for fluidization filters. Too much food and supplements may be the cause ..
RM 120.00

Magnesium 750g

An agent for raising magnesium levels in reef aquariums. Magnesium is essential for the proper devel..
RM 42.00

Alkalinity Test Kit

Aquaforest TestPro KH is designed to quickly measure carbonate hardness in the marine aquariums. In ..
RM 56.00

Stone Fix 1500g

Quickly bonding, cement-based glue designed for connecting large elements of live or ceramic rock. I..
RM 60.00

Reef Mineral Salt 800g

An agent for maintaining constant levels of minerals in reef aquariums. Using Reef Mineral Salt is o..
RM 52.00

KH Buffer 1200g

An agent for maintaining constant carbonate hardness level in reef aquariums. Accurate level of carb..
RM 52.00

Calcium 850g

An agent for maintaining constant calcium levels and pH adjustment in reef aquariums. In sea water, ..
RM 52.00

Ricco Food 30g

Powdered food dedicated mostly for Zoanthus, Ricordea, Rhodactis and other mushroom corals. Carefull..
RM 55.00

AF Growth Boost 35g

AF Growth Boost is a supplement for growth acceleration. It is designed for all kinds of corals. Due..
RM 80.00

AF LPS Food 30g

Granular food dedicated especially for LPS corals. AF LPS Food is rich in protein and highly nutriti..
RM 65.00

Coral F 150ml

Liquid food for soft, gorgonian and non-photosynthetic corals. It consists of zooplankton and phytop..
RM 55.00

Aquaforest Magnesium 4Kg

n agent for raising magnesium levels in reef aquariums. Magnesium is essential for the proper develo..
RM 170.00

AquaForest Kh Buffer 5kg

Alkalinity is an essential part of calcification and coral growth. Corals skeletons are dependent on..
RM 170.00


Probiotic bacteria with culture medium for No3 Po4 reduction. ProBioF also stimulates the developmen..
RM 55.00
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