Hikari Marine -A-

Hikari Marine -A-

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Hikari Marine -A-

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RM 23.00
Hikari Marine-A - Superior color-enhancing diet for larger marine fish helping you keep them looking their best

Marine -A-™

A Sponge-Like, Color Enhancing Daily Diet For Larger Marine Fish

“My pajama cardinal only eats these. He will spit out flakes!”


  • Offers superior color enhancement and active reduction of color fading.
  • Contains clam extract which improves palatability, even finicky eaters will love it.
  • Contains seaweed meal and pure-cultured spirulina to meet the nutritional requirements of plant eating marine fishes, while providing them the nutrient sources they require for good health.
  • A complete and balanced combination of necessary nutrients including DHA & EPA which help reduce stress associated with life in an enclosed marine environment while promoting proper growth and development.
  • Marine -A-™ becomes sponge-like rapidly and is easily assimilated thereby reducing waste. As the pellet absorbs water it slowly sinks, allowing feeding at all levels of the aquarium, yet allows you to monitor the eating habits of your fish to avoid over-feeding. Best of all, Marine -A-™ will not dissolve or cloud your water.


Marine fish require a constant water temperature between 72℉ and 78℉ (22℃ and 26℃) with best results at the higher end of the scale. Care should be taken to avoid sudden temperature changes as this can cause shock.


Feed no more than your pet will consume within two minutes 2 to 3 times each day. Care should be taken to avoid over-feeding and no food should remain after the feeding period.
Prior to feeding you may soak Marine -A-™ in a cup of purified water for a few minutes to make the pellets elastic and sponge-like resembling the foods your fish would instinctually eat. This unique pellet won't crumble or fall apart during feeding and is readily accepted by most finicky marine fishes.


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