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Salifert Flat Worm Exit Test

The flatworm exit is effective in removing flatwormsThe flatworm exit will start to work in thirty m..
RM 70.00

Salifert Potassium Reef Test

Salifert Potassium Test Kit Potassium concentration in natural seawater is approximately 400 ppm. Th..
RM 71.18

Salifert Strontium Profi Test

Strontium Test Strontium plays an important role by accelerating coral and calcareous algae gro..
RM 119.40

Salifert pH Profi Test

The pH value in a marine tank has a major impact on the growth of corals and calcareous algae and on..
RM 43.00

Salifert Nitrite (NO2) Profi Test

Nitrite testingNitrite is a substance that is toxic to fish and invertebrates.It is a misconception ..
RM 46.50

Salifert Nitrate (NO3) Profi Test

Nitrate testingWhen an aquarium has insufficient regions deprived of oxygen (= anaerobic zones) or d..
RM 61.80

Salifert Magnesium Profi Test

Magnesium is present in NSW in a fairly high concentration (1300 - 1400 mg/L). Magnesium is an essen..
RM 80.60

Salifert KH/Alkalinity Profi Test

Calcium alone cannot form the skeletal material of corals and allow calcareous algae to grow. Some o..
RM 48.80

Salifert Iodine Profi Test

Iodine is present in NSW (Natural seawater) in a very low concentration (0.06 mg/L or 0.06 ppm).Iodi..
RM 107.70

Salifert Ammonia (NH4) Profi Test

Ammonia and ammonium should be rapidly converted by aerobic nitrification into nitrite and then ni..
RM 58.20

Salifert Copper Profi Test

Copper is often used as a treatment for parasite infested fish and it is essential that the correct..
RM 70.00

Salifert Calcium Profi Test

Calcium is a major constituent of calcareous algae, skeletal material of hard corals and the skeleta..
RM 73.50
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