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sera phosphate-Test (PO4)

Both fish waste and feeding are possible causes for phosphate introduction into the water. A part is..
RM 58.70

sera nitrite-Test (NO2)

Nitrite (NO2) is among the most toxic substances for fish in aquariums. It can enrich in the water i..
RM 45.40

sera nitrate-Test (NO3)

Nitrate (NO3) is an indicator for severe organic pollution. The source of this organic pollution sho..
RM 51.30

sera ammonium/ammonia-Test (NH4/NH3)

Ammonium and ammonia mainly arise from fish waste. They are converted into each other depending on t..
RM 56.70

sera kH-Test

Makes it easy to monitor the carbonate hardness in fresh and salt waterFor approx. 390°dKH.In case o..
RM 30.30

sera pH-Test

Makes it easy to monitor the pH value in fresh and marine water and ponds. For approx. 100 measureme..
RM 30.30

Sera Calcium-Test (Ca)

This test monitors the calcium level easily and precisely in steps of 20 mg/l (ppm). For approx..
RM 51.20
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