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Calibration Solution

RM 12.00

Packets are sealed against light and air and are ideal for on-the-spot calibration. Simply open, insert the tester or electrode into the sachet and ca..


Conductivity Meter PRO - MW301

RM 537.00

MW301 is a Portable Conductivity (EC) Meter with Automatic Temperature Compensation. This instrument has been designed to meet the Grower's need ..


MA911B/2 pH probe

RM 252.00

DescriptionThe MA911B/2probe is lab grade, gel-filled pH probe for use with Milwaukee Monitors and Controllers.Design Features Top features inclu..


Portable ORP Meter - MW500

RM 601.00

The Milwaukee MW500 PRO ORP meter is one of Milwaukee's most popular meters with its reliable, fast and simple operation as well as its accuracy.The M..


Portable Ph Tester - PH600

RM 176.00

Milwaukee’s economical testers are easy-to-use and low cost instruments to measure quick and reliable pH, EC or TDS values. Measuring electrical condu..


Pro 2 -in-1 Digital PH / ORP Controller - MC125

RM 1,433.00

The Milwaukee MC125 PRO pH and ORP controller is designed for people looking to measure and adjust pH and ORP levels automatically with one simple con..


Pro Digital Redox ORP Controller - MC510

RM 1,081.00

The Milwaukee PRO digital Redox ORP controller automatically monitors and fine-tunes ORP levels. Just set your ORP parameters and let the Milwaukee OR..


Pro pH Controller MC-122

RM 711.00

Accurate. Simple. Reliable. 24/7 pH Control.The Milwaukee MC122 PRO pH controller lets you measure and adjust pH levels automatically.What People Are ..


Pro PH Monitor MC-120

RM 495.00

The Milwaukee MC120 PRO High Range pH monitor offers lab grade accuracy with an easily viewable continuous check on pH levels with alarms.Design featu..

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