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Diamond-Carbon - 500ml

RM 76.00

High-Capacity, Broad-Range Activated CarbonLarge surface area for improved Organic Waste absorptionRemoves tannins that discolour waterReduces bad odo..


Nitra-Guard Bio-Cube Titanium

RM 88.00

The world's first and only carbon based nitrate remover that is completely resistant to Redfield's Ratio More economical & effective than any ot..


Nitra-Guard Bio-Cubes

RM 78.00

Nitra-Guard Bio-Cubes OriginalReduces 50ppm Nitrate to 0ppm within 1 to 2 weeks in Freshwater and SeawaterEasy & convenient use, no daily feedings..


Phospha-Guard BIO-Cubes

RM 89.00

Phospha-Guard BIO-Cubes is the world's first solid carbohydrate-based phosphate remover that naturally removes phosphate from both fresh and marine aq..


Phospha-Guard Granular Ferric Hydroxide

RM 53.00

Phospha-Guard Granular Ferric Hydroxide (GFH) Phosphate, Silicate & Heavy Metal Absorber Reduces water ChangesHelps control unsightly AlgaeFr..


Reef Safe Treatment For White Spot - 50ml

RM 135.00

ed after 20h30 in the evening. Treatment should be administered for a minimum of 12 days, but, should not exceed 22 days. Do not overdose! RES-Q-MED c..

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