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marin COMPONENT 1 Ca

RM 78.90

sera marin COMPONENT 1 CaEnthält wichtiges Calcium für den Skelettaufbau von Korallen und andere Niederen TierenDer ideale Calciumgehalt beträgt zwisc..


Marin Granules

RM 38.70

Product DescriptionSera marin granules is the staple food consisting of carefully Manufactured granules for all marine fish that eat in the middle wat..


siporax Professional 15 mm

RM 86.00

Maximum optimization of biological filtrationThe original sera siporax Professional is suitable for use in both freshwater and marine aquariums as wel..


Test Kit

RM 30.30

sera pH-TestMakes it easy to monitor the pH value in fresh and marine water and ponds. For approx. 100 measurementsIn case of too low pH values w..

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