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Colour-Tracer Tubing 2M

RM 20.00

Skimz Colour-Tracer Silicone Tubing comes in a four useful colours including green, orange, red and yellow. Tubing is designed specifically ..


NeoMag Coral Frag Rack/Coral Plugs for Frag Rack

RM 40.00

Coral frag propagation is a great way to enhance and grow your reef tank. Skimz NeoMag Coral Frag Rack has an unique cross pattern for the holes along..


Overflow Box

RM 357.00

The Skimz Monzter series of overflow boxes are used in transporting water from the main aquarium to under cabinet sumps, refugiums or wet/dry filters...


SuperSilent SS Wavemaker Pump

RM 330.00

Skimz SuperSilent wavemaker pumps use high-quality 6 poles DC motors and Sine-Wave controllers which ensure efficiency and quiet operation. ..


Bio pellet Reactor

RM 403.00

Skimz BR86 DC Biopellet Reactor is fitted with a QuietEco QE0.8 (800 l/h) pump that lets you control the flowrate using the v..


Calcium Reactor

RM 1,377.00

The Skimz E-Series CM122 Calcium Reactor has a chamber diameter of 120mm and is ideal for aquariums up to 1,000 litres. The CM122 is integrated with W..


Dosing Liquid Container

RM 277.00

Skimz DLC4 is space-saving dosing liquid container that connect to your dosing pump so you can automate additives and keep your aquarium water pa..


DT4 Dosing Tube Holder

RM 60.00

Skimz DT4 is Tube Holder clamp with four holes for holdIng  tubes of the dosing pump in place on the side of the tank or sump in position. &..


Feeding Station

RM 44.00

Skimz FS50 is the smallest Feeding Station with diameter of 50mm. Skimz FS50 prevents floating food such as flake and frozen foods from clogging filte..

Showing 1 to 9 of 28 (4 Pages)
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