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CDX® Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Media

RM 110.00

CDX®Carbon Dioxide Adsorption MediaSometimes the carbon dioxide that accumulates in the air in closed buildings causes the pH of an aquarium to be low..


Julian Sprungs Sea Veggies Clip

RM 14.50

Treat your fish to an instant salad bar with the Sea Veggies Clip This little clip securely holds Sea Veggies, lettuce, or cucumber treats for your ta..


Julian`s Thing Coral Feeding Tool

RM 178.20

 Multi-purpose tool for feeding, applying solutions, siphoning or blowing:Feed corals, anemones, zoanthids, seahorses or any timid or slow moving..


Mag Feeder

RM 125.40

Max Tank Thickness - 3/4"Feeding rings are a great idea for pretty much any tank that utilizes a type of overflow weir or wish for a repeatable p..


MarineSnow® Plankton Diet

RM 66.00

MarineSnow® Plankton DietMarineSnow Plankton Diet is a first of its kind product that reproduces the special biogenic suspended matter found in natura..



RM 92.50

The Two Little Fishies NanoMag magnetic glass cleaner is perfect for pico, and nano sized tanks. The thin profile of the NanoMag makes it great for ge..


NPX Bioplastics - 1L

RM 192.00

Directions: NPX Bioplastics are best installed in a fluidized filter like the PhosBan reactor 150 or 550, but they may simply be placed in a media bag..


Outstanding Selections Refugite Live Refugium Sand

RM 196.00

Live Mineral-Rich Sand for refugiums and seagrass displays, for mangroves, and for LPS corals such as Goniopora, Trachyphyllia, and Acanthophyllia.&nb..


PhosBan Reactor

RM 396.00

The PhosBan Reactor 150 is designed to push water upwards from the bottom and through the media. This forces an even distribution of water throughout ..

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