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Water Level Alarm

RM 28.00

Boyu Water Level Alarm Alarm of high/low Aquarium Tank water level The alarm of high/low water level can be adjusted at will according to yo..


Air Pump - SA-800

RM 14.00

●With streamline design, it is beautiful and decent. Made from ABS plastic, the shell of the body is firm, durable and endures to shock. And the air-i..



RM 6.00

Stick-type glass thermometer BT-02 Product Description - stylish. - super sucker can be adsorbed on the aquarium. - temperature measurement is acc..


Cooling Fan - FS-120A

RM 62.90

FeaturesMotor with big wind and little noise, loose heat fast and cooling easilyEquipped with fan holder which can change the angle of wind and its su..


External Filter Canister

RM 189.00

The Boyu FEF series range of external canister filters are a high quality, low noise and extremely reliable filter suitable for aquariums up to 300 li..


Fluidized Bed Filter

RM 149.00

Aquarium fish tank fluidized bed filters are an ideal filtration addition to large or heavily stocked aquariums. By "fluidizing" or suspending fine gr..


Net Breeder For Aqurium

RM 10.00

NB3201 (16 x 14 x 14  )NB3202 ( 10.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 )..


Nstant Siphon Gravel Clenaer

RM 32.00

Innovative auto siphon pump quick and easy. Integrated gravel and fish strainer and 6 inch tubing included. adjustable flow control value as need..

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