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AmmoBuster Extreme

RM 43.00

CaribSea AmmoBuster Extreme Water Conditioner 8oz.AmmoBuster™ Extreme is the one step water conditioner that does it all! AmmoBuster™ Extreme will not..


Arag-Alive Live Sand

RM 60.00

HAWAIIAN BLACK 9kg Special Grage Arag-Alive! Live Aragonite Reef Sand contains millions of live bacteria to create a natural biological balance in yo..



RM 49.00

CaribSea AragaMILK Liquid Aragonite – The easy way to add balanced calcium, carbonate buffer, and essential trace elements like strontium, magnesium, ..


ARM Reactor Media – Extra Coarse, 1 gal

RM 198.00

Calcium reactors have evolved into several types that require different media sizes. We now offer our original ARM™ fine for down-flow, slow up-flow, ..


BioMagnet Clarifier 16oz

RM 77.00



Liferock (Set)

RM 600.00

LifeRock™ begins as a sunlit piece of Pleistocene era seafloor thriving with living creatures. Over the next 100 millennia and the retreat of the ocea..


Purple Up - Coralline Algae Accelerator

RM 56.00

PURPLEUP™Coralline Algae Growth SupplementNon-nutritive, no sugars, and no EDTA'sPurpleUp™ - uses a unique dual method approach to coralline algae acc..


Reef Cal

RM 52.00

ReefCal™ is a 100,000 ppm ionic calcium solution. ReefCal™ will raise calcium levels by just over 5 ppm per capful (5ml) per 25 gallons of water. Use ..

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