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Bacto Balls

RM 86.00

BACTOBacto contains a unique blend of special selected bacteria strains, which helps to achieve a quick and complete biological balance in your marine..


Bacto Balls Dispenser

RM 35.00

Bacto balls are impregnated with the unique Colombo bacteria for marine aquariums.DNA screening techniques have been used to select the best strains.U..


Live Phytoplankton - 250ml

RM 60.00

Om de kwaliteit van dit product te waarborgen tijdens transport verpakken wij dit in een tempex doos, voorzien van een bevroren koelelement. ..


Marine Reef Start Bacto 1000 ML

RM 95.00



Marine Test Kit

RM 43.00

Colombo Marine Calcium Test Positives and Negatives ​✚ Measured by drop test value. ✚ Suitable for seawater - Test the water always adding ..


Marine Test Lab

RM 229.00

COLOMBO Marine Test LabThe COLOMBO Marine Test Lab includes tests for KH, Ca, Mg, NO3 and PO4.Tests are easy to use and the kit includes full instruct..


Marine Test Stirrer for Water Movement Testing

RM 259.00

Colombo's products for marine aquariums have one goal to produce a successful aquarium, with healthy and beautiful corals and fish.During the product ..

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