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D-D Aquarium Solution


Calcium Reactor Media RowaLith W 9-15mm - 6kg

RM 180.00

Large media of 9-15mm grain size ideal for larger calcium reactors, due to the large grain size it will resist tracking of water  through the med..


Aquascape Construction Epoxy - Grey & Coralline Algae

RM 36.00

Aquascape ConstructionEpoxy Aquascape is a two-part epoxy putty that has been specially developed by D-D for use in salt water and freshwater ..



RM 198.00

Bladerunner An ultra-slim cleaning magnet using strong rare earth magnets.Designed to run on 2 blades for minimal contact with the glass or acryl..


Clarisea Automatic

RM 1,431.00

ClariSea SK-3000 AUTOMATIC The ClariSea fleece filter is a high efficiency water filtration system which effectively removes suspended particles such..


Clarisea Gen 3 Fleece Filter

RM 1,791.00

SK-3000•Recommended flow rate: 3,000 l/h (800 USG/h)• Optimal water depth for longer fleece life: 10cm (4”)• Minimum submerged water depth: 5cm (2”)• ..


Clarisea XL Fleece for SK-3000 or SK-5000

RM 72.60

ClariSea SK3000XL & SK5000XL FLEECE IMPROVED EFFICIENCY PLUS 50% EXTRA FREE The ClariSea team have spent many months working to develop ..


Coral Colour Lens GEN 2

RM 108.00

Coral Colour Lens Gen2New improved Gen 2 photographic colour adjustment lens with CPL filter for the latest smartphones and tablets.Taking pictures of..


Coral Viewing Glasses

RM 27.00

 D-D Coral Viewing Glasses feature orange lenses that filter out the actinic blue light which predominates marine aquariums, and will make the co..

Showing 1 to 9 of 26 (3 Pages)
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