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Cyanoclean - 10ml

RM 74.00

Target the root cause of a Cyanobacteria outbreak with Cyano Clean from Korallen-Zucht.Formulated with nutrient-scavenging bacterial strains that dimi..


Pohl's B-Balance - 250ml

RM 164.00

B-Balance replaces important minerals and additives commonly removed by protein skimmers.Benefits include:Red enhancement in Stylophora, SPS and Pocil..


Zeomag - 1kg

RM 105.00

ZEOmag is a magnesium granulate designed to be used with standard calcium carbonate media in a calcium reactor. It is most commonly mixed with standar..


Zeozym -250Gr

RM 294.00

ZEOzym is a biological stimulate which increases bacterial metabolism and amplifies the effect of ZEObak and BioMate. Helps control slime algae (Cyano..

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